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Street Tap is the combination of Street dance and Tap. In conventional tap, the main focus is the feet with some arm movements. Street tap is the styling of how the dance form is delivered. The whole body is incorporated whilst making amazing sounds to the rhythm of the music.

L.A.S.T is dedicated to help children and young people to develop new skills, build resilience and increase their confidence.

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We are on the beginning of an exciting journey to set ourselves aside from the rest and offer something unique that makes us L.A.S.T.

L.A.S.T is an IDTA dance school and follows the UKA dance tap syllabus where students can take exams annually.

Tap is a unique expression which makes it a unique dance form and being able to do tap can increase confidence. People are always amazed by the sounds you can make with your feet that they cannot. Expression through rhythm using tap shoes creates magical sounds.

Tap is great for developing musicality, coordination, rhythm and stamina. We want to make a change and have Street tap become a dance form that everyone wants to engage in.

L.A.S.T is more than just a dance academy, it’s about the passion we have to make a positive impact in the lives of children and young people.

"I love to see the response of people when they learn their first tap sequence. It’s like they have just found magic in their feet. Tap is an amazing dance form and I look forward to helping Street Tap become a dance form to be recognised"

Sarah Turner, CEO & Founder

I'm Sarah Turner formerly known as Sarah Greaves and I am the founder of L.A.S.T.

From a very young age it was my dream to have my own dance school.

I attended various dance schools from the age of 3, where I learnt how to tap and developed my passion for the dance form. During my late teens, I discovered Street Dance whilst attending college. Street Dance started to overtake Tap.

Back then, no-one did tap unless you went to a dance school which was sometimes frowned upon by street dancers who had a natural ability to dance, without being taught in a dance school setting. I went with the crowd and my focus turned to Street Dance.

I always had a burning passion for tap and began to explore the idea of merging the two forms to create Street Tap with my dance partner. Street Tap was incorporated into our Street Dance group and we entered our group to compete in the UK Street Dance championships in 2004, where we came top ten out of nearly 40 dance crews.

Adulthood and parenthood did not remove the passion I had for tap as a dance form, and it was then I realised that I was sitting on a gift and a great business opportunity. I knew exactly what I needed to do. That's where L. A.S.T was formed.

Street tap has not been created by L.A.S.T, but we want to bring attention to the dance form and make it attractive for children and young people. By fusing tap with Street dance, young people can understand this dance form and make it something they can be proud of doing.

I want to share my passion for tap with others, and make Street tap a dance form to be recognised.

London Academy of Street Tap T-shirt is compulsory for all students and can only be purchased directly from L.A.S.T.

Full uniform is as follows:

L.A.S.T red t-shirt

Black leggings/jogging bottoms

Black tap shoes

Black leggings/ joggers and taps shoes cannot be purchased at L.A.S.T and can be found at retailers or online.



London Academy of Street Tap
St John’s Parish Hall, St John’s Parish Centre,
Friern Barnet Road, N11 3EQ

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